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Welcome to the world of Agnes Sunyer Clothing, where versatile fashion design meets personalized image coaching.


We develop versatile clothing inspired by urban living where comfort, practicality and style are of prime importance. Our collections are designed for women who want to transmit their self-confidence and inner power to the world. 

We believe each and every woman has a beauty within her that needs to be exposed and this is why we created our Personal Image Coaching, where we help women to look good and feel good about it.


Who is Agnes Sunyer?

My story starts from my birth. I came into the world with a congenital malformation in the back.

We were told that I had to wear a metal corset 24 hours a day and spend half of each day strengthening my back through endless exercises, or I was literally going to stay in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

So for 15 years I had no choice. But thanks to this, I developed tenacity, strength and a voracious hunger to heal myself physically and mentally. I began to see the world with the eyes of those who are observing each of the details that define beauty.

I fell in love with cold, exquisite metal, and visualized bodies as straight lines that drew and moulded themselves into a perfect body: that of oneself.

Makeup, hairstyle, postures and gestures became part of my life as I came to understand that beauty is a whole which is expressed through the self-knowledge that one has of oneself, as well as the ability to project self-confidence.


  • How to adapt your look for different times of the day and according to your lifestyle?
  • How to dress according to your body type and enhance your attitudes?
  • Which fabric patterns are the best for your silhouette?

Today I would like to please your wishes

…or at least some of them 🙂 So, I challenge you to ASK ME THREE QUESTIONS and who knows, maybe I can dispel some doubts and provide great advice on fashion & style.


A. About makeup and hair: For instance, what hairstyle suits me best and matches a long dress?
B. About top garments: For instance, I have big breast but I am narrow-shouldered. What can I do to balance shoulders visually?
C. About bottom garments: For instance, I like my body but I am short and I love wearing trousers. What kind of pattern suits me more?

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After years of experience of Personal Image Coaching at Agnes Sunyer, I feel confident that with the information you gave me, together we can achieve the goal of this exercise, which is to make you feel confident in your body. ALWAYS.

I´m here to help you look good and feel good with yourself.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you will enjoy your fashion journey with me.

And PLEASE REMEMBER that no matter what your lifestyle is, where you work and where you come from, you deserve to:

  • find your confidence,
  • increase your self esteem
  • & simply feel good in your body

The brand was born in Barcelona but the silhouettes and shapes of the most representative elements of large cities; zebra crossings, buildings, representations of road signs, form a recognizable code anywhere in the world.

The die-cut as the brand’s signature fabric. White, black and red are its base colors. The  sporty details such as the ribbing and the knitted detail place the emphasis on a culture where comfort, practicality and style are reinforced by the demands of the city: mobility and versatility.

´´The more you love yourself, the more you know yourself and the more you know who you want to be, the more beautiful you are.´´

Agnes Sunyer