MOD. 39


The shoulders, waist, hips and length are perfectly aligned where each of these parts has its own particular, perfect shape, to create what is the ideal little black dress.

Fashion is the channel that manifests the beauty of the soul and empowers it, because empowerment is having the ability to project self-trust in you and others. This two-sided game creates a sense of such confidence that allows you to always grow from
the inside.

Agnés Sunyer


of the dress

Working Look

If you love blazers, why not throw an extra-large one over this gorgeous dress, and leave it wide open? Avoid falling into the classic dress-jacket-court shoes combination; we`ve seen it before and with its combination of the elegance of viscose and the informal touches at the shoulders and cuffs, this dress deserves a different approach.

Hairstyle: To carry on the classical cosmopolitan look, a medium ponytail or tousled chignon. If a few strands fall, scoop them back with clips, keep hair accessories visible – gone are the days when we used to hide them.

If you have dark hair, try blonde-coloured clips, and if you’re blonde, do the opposite – use dark-coloured clips. If for red-heads, dark brown or black clips.

Make up: Lips go red or nude and moisturized with touches of balm. Skin very transparent with a mix of palettes from pink to brown; in Winter this colour combination helps the skin to look fresh yet transparent and sophisticated at once.

Casual Look

Open jackets, ponchos and capes, Canvas cotton Summer pumps in pink, white, red or tan, and always with thick tights. If you aren’t into tights then with this dress you can simply go without, and if you team it with calf length boots, wear with socks of whatever colour you dare. This is how to create an outfit that is so sexy, wearable and above all, cosmopolitan.


Why did I design it this way?

I have always thought that Winter dresses are complicated; they are either fitted and have a specific look or they are long and wide for the cold weather but hard to wear with anything else. So I wanted to create a dress which I would definitely wear.

Agnés Sunyer quality certificate: The fabric used in this garment has been manufactured specifically for the brand by a sustainable workshop, where professionals have a decent salary.