The length of this jacket allows you to wear it with any type of garment whether it’s a wide trouser or fitted pant, long or short skirt.

Fashion is the channel that manifests the beauty of the soul and empowers it, because empowerment is having the ability to project self-trust in you and others. This two-sided game creates a sense of such confidence that allows you to always grow from
the inside.

Agnés Sunyer


of the jacket

Working look

Wear this jacket to emphasis your neckline by combining it with a turtleneck or roundneck sweater; you will find that a v-neck doesn’t go well.

When it comes to colour, you could try green, the basic black and white, but take care with grey as it tends to disappear under this jacket and almost “switch off” the effect. If you favour a more sober look, try a navy blue which will bring plenty of light and strength to this look.

Hairstyle: To maintain the stylish effect of the jacket, put your hair up ideally not too perfectly. Those falling strands can be scooped up in clips; make sure they are visible.

Make up: There are two ways to plump up the lips; one is to paint in baby pink finished off with gloss, and the other – which is more powerful – is to use a flesh colour sealed with gloss. TRY THEM!

Casual look

The versatility of this jacket lies in the ability to wear it as the focal point of your outfit whether you wear it as an exterior garment or under another. There is a specific look which I adore, and that is to mix collarless garments together. In this case you would wear the jacket as the exterior garment and combine it with a round-necked top left outside your trousers or skirt, finished off with chunky climbing boots. What a fantastically chic look.

Hairstyle: If you’ve decided to go for the look I just described, your hairstyle needs to be clean. But don’t panic! This doesn’t mean trip after trip to the hairdresser; no, it means that whether you have chosen an up-style or loose hair, the most attractive result will be the contrast between your simpler hairstyle and the volumes and shape of the look in general.

Make up: In contrast with your simpler hairstyle, you need to draw the focus onto your eyes and give them – and your lips – the power. Remember that strength attracts. Depending on your skin-tone, choose black or brown for your eye-pencil. If your tone tends towards more sallow or beige try a dark brown kohl which emphasizes the eyes but doesn’t close down the look, and if your skin-tone tends more towards pink then try black instead.

Why did I design it this way?

It is so bold that this jacket gives you a strong appearance, and it is so versatile that it will undoubtedly become a wardrobe staple which works in every season.

Agnés Sunyer quality certificate: The fabric used in this garment has been manufactured specifically for the brand by a sustainable workshop, where professionals have a decent salary.