Highlight of this garment

As this is a long skirt, you do not have to worry much about your height, the only thing you need to know is that here “stilletos” are not necessary.

Fashion is the channel that manifests the beauty of the soul and empowers it, because empowerment is having the ability to project self-trust in you and others. This two-sided game creates a sense of such confidence that it allows you to always grow from the inside.

Agnés Sunyer


of the skirt

Working look:

This skirt brings us straight from the past when people realized that knitwears could be used as a noble fabric to make garments that boosts your look and personality. Presently, we now add to this a masculine shirt (not blouse) and no socks, wear a pair of roman sandals with open strips around the heel area and now the outfit from the past to present is classier.

As for accessories, a “borsalino” type of hat, for example in kaki, sandy or burdeaux  colour. Do you know the large fabric type bags that we all carry to the beach? Exactly, this is the look that totally matches.


Braids, the more the better, and if they go out of the temple area and end up in a low tail, even better. Create a little messy updo. Please, focus on the frontal volumes to decide how you are going to have the braid as every face is different and you should try to boost the good parts and playdown the ones we think are not flattering. It is a common mistake, though


I love coloured lips for this simple and magnificent look, so highlight this area making the face plain but warm. Try to avoid over powering both skin and eyes, they must perceived fresh as the mouth highlights the whole face.   

Casual look:

I am very carried away by the simplicity of the knitwear fabric. With the dimensions of a skirt a little bit more lady we reinforce the sporty look of the past when women used to play tennis with long skirts. Do you recall this?

In order update this but without losing this nostalgic feeling a French sleeve sweatshirt or a ribbed fabric shirt would totally do the job (both having more personality than a regular cotton shirt).Wear on your feet, a fine long ankle sneakers if we don’t want volumes to be unbalanced.


Low such as the one from a dancer bun or another that is free of hair. Add a touch of hair or mold gel to generate a more sophisticated lady effect. 


In this look the less the better. Hence, try to highlight a blushed skin with a liquid or cream texture blusher for freshness and a cherry colour lips only in the inner part of them as this is the trick for a “just bitten lip” look.

Why have I designed it?

This is a very feminine skirt and its versatility stems on how you stress the sporty look with the footwear, the contrast hairdo, and the bag either a large one or a purse.

Agnés Sunyer quality certificate: The fabric used in this garment has been manufactured specifically for the brand by a sustainable workshop, where professionals have a decent salary.