Mod. SS 28

highlights of this garment

The slightly loose and straight cut is subtly collected at the ankle adapting to any type of body without clinging onto it.

Fashion is the channel that manifests the beauty of the soul and empowers it, because empowerment is having the ability to project self-trust in you and others. This two-sided game creates a sense of such confidence that allows you to always grow from the inside.

Agnés Sunyer


of the trausers

Working look:

Think about wearing a top garment that you can untuck but also tuck a little to make (put inside and a little outside in order) the ribbed waistband to be visible. It’s better like that than a top that is too short. These trousers aren’t high or low waisted, so you can adjust it, however, if you wear something too short on top you’d visibly reduce the waist and this may not be to your style. Here, for work wear, I would advise wearing a little long open and short-top boot looking shoe, or a pair of converse sneakers.


Wear dark brown eyelash mascara because the look should not be aggressive a black one; use liquid blusher to last all day and moisturize your lips with a colourless lip balm.


If your hair is somewhat frizzy, try not to comb it with a normal brush. Tease only with your fingers or with a 4-5 wooden barbed comb to lift the root, as frizzy hair needs to be touched as little as possible unless you want it ultra-smooth. Do you know what you get by doing this? Apart from not having so much hair falling, you get a very sexy, fresh tousled hairstyle and you are ready in 5 min.

Casual look:

Wear a pair of mountain boots, literally, leather ones, and a fur jacket or a bomber.Under it a men’s white T-shirt top and if you like hoop earrings, even better in order to complete the look! If you prefer not to show your arms or just don’t like white T-shirts, then replace it with a white an oversized white linen shirt and a belt to mark your waist a little more, if you like. Regardless of what you choose, remember that the beauty is to somehow show the canale waistband. What is beautiful here is to feel the sensation of the ribbed waistband.


A very fluid foundation BB Cream sort and a little concealer in the tear duct (lacrimal). Brush your eyebrows with a toothbrush that is no longer in use and add some brown powder shade to highlight them a little more. Add very little blusher or even nothing and outline the lips with a dark mauve tone, this enhances the natural colour of your lips and blend the pencil inwards.


Create a B.B hairstyle starting with a high ponytail. Hold it with black hair pins and if you drop hair hold it with black hairpins. (If you have light or light brown hair colour use blond colour hair pins). If on the contrary you have very long hair, before picking it up, give it volume at the occipital-crown areas by putting your hand at this area so that it does not fall away and pick it up with the hair gum keeping the volume intact. You may need some practice, but even Brigitte Bardot struggled at the beginning as well.

Why have I designed them?

I think they are the trousers I’ve worn the most, so I wanted you to enjoy them too. They are very comfortable, very versatile and totally timeless.

Agnés Sunyer quality certificate: The fabric used in this garment has been manufactured specifically for the brand by a sustainable workshop, where professionals have a decent salary.