Mod. SS 42

Highlights of this garment

The laser cut of this leather, draws our attention to the zebra crossings of the cities, the sporty look combined with the ribbed!?  It is all awesome

Fashion is the channel that manifests the beauty of the soul and empowers it, because empowerment is having the ability to project self-trust in you and others. This two-sided game creates a sense of such confidence that it allows you to always grow from the inside

Agnés Sunyer


of the jacket

Casual look:

This jacket is designed to wear as if it is a second skin, which means it is designed for you to wear it all day with a nude top or a tank top. I designed it always in mind to wear with trousers, regardless of whether these are high, low, wide or narrow.  So, does it go well with a skirt? Will it look good? It depends. If you combine it with a mini denim skirt and low boots, then the look is wonderful. If you combine it with a mini skirt and boots or sneakers, you can roll with it, but you may not achieve the desired look if you combine it with a short straight skirt.

Makeup + hairstyle:

In the fashion parade the casual look is presented with very textured hairstyles. With this jacket, hairstyle has its importance but because the die-cuts are the signature of our fashion house, the type of hairstyle  is up to you to do what you feel, but at all times, without forgetting that you are the one wearing this garment, and not the garment wearing you. With makeup, I suggest always try mixing different shades for the blusher and lips has a “biting lips” effect (which is the technique of painting (coloured) lips in red only on the inside of them).

Why did I design it?

In each of the AS collections bomber, jackets, etc. are showcased…they are a staple in terms of their versatility and functionality. They are adorable!!!

Agnés Sunyer quality certificate: The fabric used in this garment has been manufactured specifically for the brand by a sustainable workshop, where professionals have a decent salary.