MOD. Trafficlights


Each of these models are designed for your day to day, creating sporty outfits which are very very chic, and that effect is achieved by making the patterns in the same piece rather than being printed.

This helps a seemingly casual sweater

become a wardrobe staple, defined by its sleeve lengths, cuff widths, necklines and uneven lengths that come from the most avant-garde aspect of the designs. Adding to this concept the styles influenced by the city itself, these garments have become timeless, fun and totally different from what a classic sweater can offer.

La moda es el canal que manifiesta la belleza del alma y la empodera, ya que el empoderamiento es tener la capacidad de proyectar autoconfianza en ti y en los demás. Este juego a dos bandos crea una sensación de tal confianza que te permite crecer siempre desde el interior.

Agnés Sunyer

Remember that

Jersey Stop: is the smallest in this collection. It is the tightest and has the most closed neck, but it is also the one that best defines the neckline and visually puts the shoulders in place.

White zebra crossing sweater: Gives visual breadth to the shoulders and lengthens and refines the arms with a tight cuff. It is a more oversized sweater to which we have added hand-sewn stitching in red which is a feature of our brand and a detail which you will find in many of our garments.

Contrast direction sweater:

It is wonderful how this turtleneck lengthens the silhouette without tightening it and thus gives it the shape you want. The long sleeves are held in place with a tight cuff while the open sides allow this extra-long sweater to have movement without hugging the hips.

Blue zebra crossing sweater:

This neckline has a way of placing the shoulders in such a way that they are visually equidistant from the hips. Then as the front part is shorter than the back, it has a deconstructing effect which means that you can wear it just as well with wide pants, skinny trousers or with a long skirt.

Unisex Danger Sweater: I literally love how this neck, throat and neckline looks good on everyone. It is a very clean design which makes the shoulders sit perfectly in place on the body. This shade of white is universally flattering because the hard paleness of the colour is broken up by that red and black dot.

No-parking unisex sweater:
The pattern is based on small size male fittings; this makes it adapt to the body of either gender thanks to the V-neck and raglan sleeves. It is true that this type of sleeve is more flattering to those of us who are blessed with slightly wider shoulders.

Knitted jacket: Also starting from a masculine pattern, this type of garment is designed so that you can wear it almost all year round; you can make it a more sporty but totally chic look at the same time. Wonderful with a big blue shirt underneath for example; also perfect with a tight black body and with the knitted pants from this same collection.

Knitted pants: They are so comfortable that you will really feel at home wherever you go when you have these on. These pants give out good vibes thanks to all the hand-sewn details which really make the fabric itself – “chickpea” knit – stand out and be seen. And the best news? Your height is irrelevant because you can wear these long or shorter, and as you can move the adjustable ankle up or down however you wish, you can find the perfect length for whatever effect you are looking for.

Agnés Sunyer quality certificate: The fabric used in this garment has been manufactured specifically for the brand by a sustainable workshop, where professionals have a decent salary.