AS Experience

AS experience means enjoyment, learning and freedom.

You enjoy when you receive the garment you have chosen, you learn when you are aware of its versatility, and you are free when you know how and when to wear it.

That is why AS accompanies you in the process bringing out the best in you with the personalized image coaching service, where a stylist from the team helps you to versatile your image.

Who is Agnes Sunyer

My story starts from my birth. I came into the world with a congenital malformation in the back.

We were told that I had to wear a metal corset 24 hours a day and spend half of each day strengthening my back through endless exercises, or I was literally going to stay in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

So for 15 years I had no choice. But thanks to this, I developed tenacity, strength and a voracious hunger to heal myself physically and mentally. I began to see the world with the eyes of those who are observing each of the details that define beauty.

I fell in love with cold, exquisite metal, and visualized bodies as straight lines that drew and moulded themselves into a perfect body: that of oneself.

Makeup, hairstyle, postures and gestures became part of my life as I came to understand that beauty is a whole that is expressed through the self-knowledge that one has of oneself, as well as the ability to project self-confidence.

The more you love yourself, the more you know yourself and the more you know who you want to be, the more beautiful you are.

" Beauty is simply a matter of volumes. " Agnes Sunyer

A. Sunyer

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